Anecdotes and Examples for the Catechism



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By Rev Francis Spirago

Not just a Catechism, this book brings each doctrinal sentence to life.

Rev. Francis Spirago, professor of theology and author of Anecdotes and Examples, states in his introduction: “In the present day, examples are more necessary than ever, because almost all the catechisms and manuals of religion now in use are written in a dry, concise style, with no other aim apparently than that of intellectual improvement.” Indeed, Fr. Spirago points out that the use of examples is in accordance with Our Lord’s method of teaching. He taught by parables.

The author weaves over 650 short examples and anecdotes throughout the 36 compact lessons that are drawn from the four traditional areas of catechesis:

• creed • sacraments • commandments • prayer

But Fr. Spirago was not content with just any examples. His are carefully selected. Some are taken right out of Sacred Scripture: Prodigal Son….Pharisee and the Publican.

Others from well known literary tales: “Androcles and the Lion” ….  “Hercules at the Crossroads”

Others are skillfully gleaned from good books, sermons, spiritual works, even newspapers. A small sampling:

  • Pius IX and his Charity Toward a Jew
  • The Testimony of Goethe
  • A Protestant who quoted Scripture in Confession
  • A Wager about Confession
  • Washington and the Cherry Tree
  • A Protestant Idea of Indulgences (the real meaning of “100 days”)
  • The Lady who Disapproved of Ceremonies
  • A Sacrilegious Theatre Performance
  • The True Catholic Marriage
  • The Lying Usurer
  • The End of an Apostate Bishop
  • The Testimony of Voltaire (how even the Church’s enemies may affirm the Faith)
  • Children may sometimes Teach their Parents
  • Servile Work on Sunday
  • Nude Figures
  • The Greatest Sinner (on not publishing your own shame)
  • St. Charles Borromeo Playing at Billiards
  • A Slight Offense Severely Punished
  • A Catholic who would Keep only God’s Commandments
  • The Balance of Divine Justice
  • Three Days in Purgatory
  • The Science of the Cross (a child states true philosophy)

Bonus: A detailed index allows the reader to zero in on the precise truth of the Faith he is concerned with. A fraction of the entries:

  •  alms
  • anger
  • apostasy
  • Communion of Saints
  • conscience
  • death
  • envy
  • fasting
  • honesty
  • indulgences
  • joy
  • mental reservation
  • modesty
  • predestination
  • Protestantism
  • relics
  • sin
  • superstition
  • temptation
  • virtue

-Hardcover, 596 Pages



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