Fr. Feeney Update Radio Programs

 Brother Francis was interviewed on a radio program that was aired from Boston throughout New England. Brother would typically answer any theological or pastoral question with the words "Father Feeney taught us that . . . etc." The host of the program was Pat Romano, publisher of the New England Catholic News, and a professional radio news commentator with ABC News for over 30 years.

Mr. Romano's mellifluously toned questions were usually concerned with the issues of the day that pertained to the Church and her mission, but they would also spin off into current world events, history, theology, lives of the saints, the liturgy, and contemporary assaults against traditional Faith and Christian morals by enemies within and without the Church. There were 330 programs in all, each recording lasting fifteen minutes. Every program is a small masterpiece of Catholic journalism.

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1 Is there salvation outside the Church?

2 Did Father Feeney preach truth or Heresy?

3 The Controversy over salvation, why it doesn't go away.

4 How can any man be infallible?

5 How do we know when a teaching is infallible?


6 Is the Ecumenism we are hearing about the real thing?

7 Have we lost our sense of sin?

8 What is the Saint Benedict Center?

9 What is the Church? Who are the faithful?

10 Where is that Esprit de Corps we once had in the Catholic Church?


11 The apparitions of Mary ... Myth or Reality?

12 Is there crisis and confusion in the Church?

13 Are we hearing heresy from a member of the hierarchy?

14 Is the so-called “Catholic” Charismatic movement really Catholic?

15 Are healing services part of the cure or part of the sickness in the Church today?


16 Are the words of Scripture the same now as yesterday, and if not why not?

17 What do we mean by the Ottaviani intervention?

18 The divinity of Christ: Is it a fundamental doctrine of our faith?

19 Is there such a place as purgatory?

20 What does the church mean by the virtue of charity?


21 Are we losing our catholic values?

22 Do we really need the Rosary?

23 Is there any room for catholic optimism?

24 Whatever happened to vocations in the Church?

25 Do we still need the sacrament of penance?


26 Do we really understand the Catholic Faith?

27 What do we mean by the third order?

28 Why is the Church necessary for salvation?

29 Is there any connection between the problems in the Church today and the dogma of Faith?

30 Baptism: why is it so important?


31 Is communion in the hand the best way to receive the Body and Blood of Christ?

32. Can electronic evangelism be hazardous to your spiritual health?

33. Is there a difference between conservative and traditional Catholics?

34. Coping with controversy in the Church.

35. Becoming a saint; how about you?


36 Deviations and disloyalty; how dangerous to the Church?

37 What is happening to catholic values?

38 How do we get God's grace?

39 what is the prayer Jesus taught us?

40 Changes in the Church; do they help or hurt the Faith?


41. The feast of the Nativity and the message of the Incarnation.

42. Why did Jesus use parables in his teaching?

43  Rebutting media misinformation.

44. What is the power and the purpose of the papacy?

45. What are the reasons for problems and troubles in the Church?


46. Why is scandal a stumbling block to salvation?

47 Living in today's world with Christ the King.

48 Seeking wisdom instead of folly.

49 Fatima, the Rosary, and You.

50 What is the Lay Apostolate?


51 Interfaith danger signs.

52 The challenge of Sainthood.

53 Dialogue: is it damaging to the faith?

54 Baptism: Can you go to heaven without it?

55 The Trinity: How can there be Three distinct Person in One God?


56 What do we mean by "The Magisterium"?

57 Is there a difference between a Sacrament and a Sacramental?

58 Liturgical Rites in the Church: East and West

59 Angels: Do they really exist?

60 Avoiding the Dangers of Fanaticism


61 A Spirit of Rebellion

62 The Challenge of Faith

63 Modernism: And why some people call it the most dangerous of all heresies.

64 Cynicism: Is it a problem in the Church today?

65 A well known voice in the Church speaks out.


66 Another look at the Traditional Mass.  

67 The Novus Ordo Syndrome

68 Ecumenism: What does it Really Mean?

69 The Door of Ignorance

70 The Doctors of the Church


71 The Controversy over Archbishop Lefebvre Part 1

72 Archbishop Lefebvre Part 2

73 The Holy Name of Jesus

74 The Bread of Life

75 Duty to God


76 Blasphemy in Art

77 Americanism and the Church

78 The Role and the impact of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger Part 1

79  Cardinal Ratzinger and the Church Part 2

80 A Look at the Inquisition


81 The Virtue of Purity

82 A Heretic or a Hero

83 The New Code of Canon Law

84 The danger of Secular Humanism

85 Becoming Soldiers of Christ


86 Evil Spirits; Do they really exist?

87 Devil Worship: Fact or Fiction?

88 Sharing in the Body and Blood of Christ

89 The Mission of the Apostles

90 The Apostolic Letter: Ecclesia Dei


91 The Spiritual Treasures of the Church

92 Religious Writing and Sacred Scripture: The Catholic Perspective

93 A Crisis of Vocations

94 The Role of Music in Catholic Worship

95 The Crusade of the Saint Benedict Center


96 Two Men Who Fought the Good Fight

97 Biblical Criticism and It's Affect on the Faith

98 Is there a climate of change in the Church?

99 Taking a Look at the Shroud of Turin

100 The Heresy of Mere Christianity


101 Fidelity to the Vicar of Christ

102 The Itch for Change

103 The Bible and Salvation

104 How Revealing is the Apocalypse?

105 A Priest with a Prophetic Voice !


106 Fulfilling the Formula of Fatima

107 The Pope and the Path to Salvation

108 The Bishops of the United States and the Challenge of the Universal Church

109 Is Feminism Helping or Hurting The Faith?

110 Ecumenical Councils And Their Role In The Life Of The Church


111 Another Look At Fatima

112 The Legacy Of The Empress Zita

113 Letter From a Listener

114 Apparitions In The Ukraine: True Or False?

115 The Cause Of Canonization Of Emperor Charles


116 Catholicism in China

117 Two Children On The Path To Canonization

118 Monuments Of The Faith

119 Should The Secret Of Fatima Be Given To The World?

120 Is Jesus Also The Christ Of The Jews?


121 The Crisis in the Church

122 Protecting the Unborn

123 Is War Immoral?

124 Separating from the Unity of the Church

125 Dialogue: Is it Good for the Church?


126 Catholicism and the Religion of Islam

127 Miracles and the Faith

128 The Islamic Presence  and the Catholic Church

129 Turn to the Rosary

130 Perceptions of a Poet on Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise


131 Ancient Heresies Reappear

132 Modernism Today: A Blessing or a Danger to the Faith?

133 Was Communism Taboo at Vatican II?

134 The Church in the Soviet Union

135 The Pope and the Chair of Peter


136 The Bishop of Rome, and the Archbishop of Canterbury  

137 Collegiality and the Magisterium

138 The Poet Dante and the Priorities of the Supernatural

139 A New Home in New Hampshire

140 The Case of Galileo and the Catholic Church


141 Going to Mass: Is it Up, or Down?

142 Docility and its Meaning in Our Lives

143 Time to Right a Wrong

144 Change and Challenge in the Communist Camp

145 May Catholics Believe in Evolution?


146 Catholics and Canon Law

147 The Church in Romania

148 Has the Request at Fatima for the Consecration of Russia Been Fulfilled?

149 Are Liberals Content with the Changes in the Church?

150 Mysteries and the Faith


151 A Contrast in Theologians: Father Leonard Feeney VS Father Karl Rahner

152 The Way of Salvation: Through Christ and His Church

153 Ecclesia Dei and the Traditional Latin Mass


154 The Immemorial Mass in Catholic Tradition 
155 Angels and the Angelus
156 A New Universal Catechism for the Church
157 Politics and the Faith 
158 Eastern Religions and New Age Fallacies

159 The Way of the Cross and the Walk for Life
160 Commemorating a Golden Anniversary
161 A Continuing Crusade for the Faith    
162 Clouds Gather Over New Universal Catechism
163 The Fatima Consecration Controversy 


164 Is Catholic Boston Waking Up?
165 The Boston Controversy and the Challenge of Faith
166 Baptism and the Necessity of Water and the Holy Spirit 
167 Zionism and Unrest in the Old City of Jerusalem
168 A Papal Visit to Czechoslovakia  


169 The Church and Evolution 
170 The Periti and the Spirit of Vatican II
171The Impact of Vatican II   
172 Cardinal O’Connor and a Message to Catholic Politicians  
173 The Danger of Distorting Dogma

174 A Great Mountain Dedicated to Mary 
175 A Gift and a Promise from Mary 
176 Crisis in the Faith
177 Losing the Faith by Leaps and Bounds
178 The Warning at Fatima on the Errors of Russia
179 The Church is Apostolic


180 The Growing Assault on Public Morality

181 The Church in the Troubled Middle-East

182 Is the Vatican Insensitive to Loyal Catholics?

183 The Virtue of Loyalty  

184 Is the Vigorous Schedule of the Vicar of Christ Cause for Concern?


185 The Vatican Speaks Out on the Role of the Theologian

186 Do We Still Have Catholic Universities?

187 Holy Scripture: Is It Being Undermined Today? And if so, by Whom?

188 Tampering With the Faith of Our Fathers

189 Spiritual and Moral Values in Public Policy

190 Catholicism and Judaism After Vatican II

191 Priestly Formation In Today's World

192 Coping With the Problems Facing the Priesthood

193 Evangelical Inroads to Latin America

194 What Happened to the Church in Latin America?

195 The Vatican Says No, to Honoring an American Prelate


196 A Vatican Insider Speaks Out

197 Confessions of a Cardinal on the Church in Our Times

198 The Crisis in the Persian Gulf  

199 The Issue that Won’t Go Away

200 Are Theologians Revolting Against the Authority of the Pope?


201 The Problems of Youth and the Challenge of Faith

202 A Controversy Involving the Dead Sea Scrolls  

203 Triumphalism in the Church: Past and Present

204 Pursuing an Illusive Peace in the Middle East

205 From the Chair of Peter, a Call to Conversion


206 A Diocesan News Paper Clears the Air

207 Do the Clouds of War Change Catholic Morality?

208 The Tragedy of Taking Human Life to Protest

209 The Media Reacts to a Papal Encyclical

210 The Crusade Under New Attack

211 Facing the Challenge to the Faith and the Crusade

212 The Undermining of the Catholic Church

213 The Power of Exorcism

214 Combatting the Forces of Satan

215 The Inspired Word of God

216 How Should We Look at Holy Scripture?



217 Are Catholic Colleges Compromising the Faith?

218 The Search for Salvation

219 The Narrow Gate and the Dogma of Faith

220 The Vicar of Christ Looks to Mary

221 From Rome to Fatima

222 For God and Country


223 In God We Trust

224 A Papal Call to the People of Poland

225 A Renewed Plea for Unity and Morality

226 Is Education Getting a Passing Grade?

227 The Crisis in the Classroom

228 Facilitation the Tridentine Mass


229 Topsy Turvy Theology

230 A Case of Strange Theology  

231 The Vatican, the Bishops, and the Traditional Latin Mass

232 The New Papal Encyclical on Social Issues

233 Catholic Social Teaching for Today’s World

234 Apparitions of Mary in the Land of the Rising Sun


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