Date added: 05/07/2016 Josef Pieper on Sale!

Date added: 01/08/2016 Buy Via Paypal

You can now purchase with Paypal! Just log into your paypal account and your done. Or you can just make a purchase without a paypal account but still use paypal to make the purchase.

Date added: 05/31/2014 Courses now available in CD

Recently made available in CD:

The Commentary on Machabees is now available on audio CD. Click Here

The Commentary on Genesis is now available on audio CD. Click Here

Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles is now available on audio CD. Click Here

Date added: 04/14/2014 New features on store

1. You can now view all items in a category without clicking next page.

First go to a category and simply click the 12 per page

Then select view all.


2. You have similar products right below every product.

Date added: 04/13/2014 Freebies for Pop Quiz


Get a free item (if you have any item in your cart) if you can answer one of these trivia questions:
  • What day is the feast of the Birth of St. John the Baptist? (Receive a free mp4 conference talk) Only one item in the cart please.
  • Name the years of the Council of Trent. e.g. 1980-1988 (Get this item 50% off)
First, add any item to your cart, then view your cart or start to checkout. 
Type the answer into the promo code box and apply.