Joseph Chihwatenha The Forgotten Martyr



JC - 01
Clement Anthony Mulloy, Ph. D.

One of the most famous chapters in Church history is the heroic martyrdom of the French Jesuit missionaries to North America. Saints like Jean de Brebeufand Isaac Jogues continue to inspire people centuries later. But a story rarely told is that before the Jesuit martyrs there was an Indian martyr. His name was Joseph Chihwatenha. Working among an obscure tribe known as the Huron the Jesuits found their greatest convert. A man who was to become the cornerstone of the Huron Christian Church. He was a brave man who was persecuted for his beliefs, but one who has been forgotten by history and by the Church for which he died. When Joseph's conversion and martyrdom are set in their historical context then the sacrifices he made in order to live openly as a Christian can be better understood.

Soft cover, 15 pages

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