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2000 SBC Conference Set

IHM - 00


Conference Theme: The Perpetual War Between Satan & Our Lady

Br. Francis M.I.C.M. - Opening Remarks

Gary Potter - "The Greatest Threat Yet" CD, DVD, MP3, MP4

Paul Fisher - "The 2000 Year War on the Church" CD, MP3

Fr. Paul Wickens - "The War on the Family and How to Survive it" CD, DVD, MP3, MP4

Br. André Marie M.I.C.M. "Our Patriarch Abraham and the Continuity of Religion" CD, MP3

Br. John Eudes M.I.C.M. (Tert.) - "St. John Eudes and the Immaculate Heart" CD, MP3

Fr. Nicholas Gruner - "The Revelation of the Third Secret of Fatima" CD, DVD, MP3

Dr. Robert Hickson - "The Historical Novel as a Channel of Grace" CD, MP3

Br. Anthony Mary M.I.C.M. (Tert.) - "Immaculate Conception & Spouse of the Holy Ghost" CD, MP3

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