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Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways To Improve Your Grades Faster

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By Pat Wyman

Sister Maria Philomena was a contributor to this recently published and now best-selling book. Her contribution to the volume is entitled “From Loathing to Loving Literature: Questions to Ask So You Can Master Any Book.”

Let your child use their own learning style with this FIRST EVER multi-media book to...
see the report card you both want!
Dear Parents and Teachers,
    •    Do you have or teach students ages 12 through college?
    •    Are you guessing at the kind of grades your student will get this year?
    •    Do you see your student working hard but not getting the results either of you want?
    •    Does it seem like your student is not as motivated as you feel they should be?
    •     Are you tired and of the same old ho hum report cards and long to see better grades and test scores?
    •     Do you frequently wish there was a BETTER WAY to show students how to succeed in school and in life?
    •     Have you wondered whether your student could master material easier and faster if they could use their own learning style to do it?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then there is a new book to help that IS actually different from any other.
How is Amazing Grades DIFFERENT?
It is Interactive with 3 Learning Styles Included To Give Your Child A Learning Choice!
Let your student LEARN THEIR WAY using any or all of 3 learning styles
1.      Visual
Read the Amazing Grades book and use the hi-tech scan tags to open to videos related to the chapter
2.      Auditory
Listen to the authors reading their chapter aloud in Amazing Grades
3.      Kinesthetic – read Amazing Grades and take notes, draw picture maps about the text

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