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By Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. ST-15 Sunday Talks from March 1989 to September 1989 (last Bolton talk) 16 Talks File Size: 282 MB

By Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. ST-16 Sunday Talks from November 1989 to September 1989 (Richmond NH). 16 Talks File Size: 195 MB

By Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. This course studies matter in motion, substantial change, and therefore, the whole material universe as it manifests the...

By Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. Sunday Talk Series Click to read content of each course. Between 1978 and 1989 in Still River and Bolton,...

By Brother Francis, M.I.C.M. In the early days at Saint Benedict Center, Brother Francis Maluf gave fifteen talks to a class on the book of Machabees....

By Brother Francis Maluf Here we have Brother Francis' personal reflections about his mentor, Father Feeney. These talks also include a study of the...

By Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. This is a study of most of the modern philosophic errors, including the most basic and pervasive error of subjectivism....

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This package includes: The Center Course on the Crusade and Loyolas and the Cabots By Sr. Catherine Goddard Clark, M.I.C.M. Did you ever...

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By  Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. These 20 minute segments were given from his Sunday Talks . In this collection of fourty-one audio...

Latin Project Set By Brother Francis Maluf MICM These clips are taken from the "Annual Class" Series where Brother Francis Maluf MICM and Brother...