Discovering A Lost Heritage: The Catholic Origins of America



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By Adam S. Miller

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An eye-opening journey into America's past. Documents how much of the "history" that Americans have been taught in public and private schools and promoted in establishment history texts is at the least, distorted; at worst, it is myth. Before America became a land of predominantly English Protestants, it was a land explored and settled by Irish, Scottish, Spanish, and French Catholics. This work documents that the first known explorers, pioneers, and settlers of America were Catholic. Of the 48 Continental States, Catholics settled first in thirty-three, while Protestants were first in only fifteen. For example: Did you know: — that there were settlements by Catholics in New England before the Pilgrims arrived in 1620? — that Catholics had explored and established settlements in Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia before Jamestown was settled in 1607? — that Catholics had celebrated the truly first Thanksgiving feast in America eighty years before the Pilgrims did? Includes pictures!

Softcover, 208 pages

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