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Flying Solo - On the Chaste Single Life in the World MP3

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By Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.

A state in life is defined by Brother André simply as “a fixed manner of living to preserve grace in this world and glory in the world to come.”  Although, for some, different states in life can overlap for a period of time — it is perseverance in God’s Plan A for you, where your salvation will be the most secure. More and more Catholic people today are finding that more secure way in the chaste single state. Taking St. Paul as his authority (1 Corinthians c. vii) our speaker interprets the single state in a totally different light than that which is usually attached to it. In order that everyone might be better educated on the subject, Brother explains with a good dose of winsome humor that the single chaste state is not some dismal place of exile for the unassimilated, for the dislocated, for the comfortably isolated, or for the otherwise vocationally disenfranchised; no, it is a positive vocation that, on account of its call to virginity, ranks higher than the married state.  Nevertheless, Brother emphasizes, this vocation can prove very dangerous if adopted for less than holy reasons. Brother provides many examples of saints who loved this vocation, each of whom (quoting Father Lasance) although “condemned to single blessedness” made “a virtue out of a necessity.”  If you know of any chaste single person who may be letting self-pity or just loneliness get the better of them, be a true friend and offer them this inspiring talk.

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