Episode 1. Introducing the Reconquest. Guest: Charles Coulombe

Episode 2. The Works of Mercy. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M.

Episode 3. Defending Christmas. Guest: C.J. Doyle

Episode 4. Anger Issues. Guest: Dr. G.C. Dilsaver

Episode 5. Pilgrimage: The Holy Journey. Guest: Gregory Lloyd

Episode 6. Christian Manhood and the Family. Guest: Sam Guzman, “The Catholic Gentleman”

Episode 7. The Christian Politics of Spain’s ‘Carlist’ Counterrevolutionaries. Guest: Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen

Episode 8. The Ark of Noah and the Bark of Peter. Guest: Hugh Owen

Episode 9. The Continuity of Religion. No Guest: ‘All by Myself’

Episode 10. Just War Doctrine and the Crusades. Guest: J Stephen Roberts

Episode 11. Blessed Karl von Habsburg, Statesman and Victim. Guest: Charles Coulombe

Episode 12. The Four Senses of Holy Scripture. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M.

Episode 13. Distributism: Economics as if God and the Family Matter. Guest: John Sharpe

Episode 14. Distributism: Answering Objections. Guest: John Sharpe

Episode 15. Christ’s Fourfold Knowledge. No Guest

Episode 16. Saint Robert Bellarmine: Catholic Controversialist. Guest: Ryan Grant

Episode 17. Passing on Tradition. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M.

Episode 18. Catholic Scouting. Guest: Mr. Chris Hasson

Episode 19. KILL THEM ALL! (on the ‘Dark Passages’ of the Bible). Guest: Dr. Nathan Schmiedickie

Episode 20. The Papacy, Divine and Limited. Guest: Charles Coulombe

Episode 21. The Mass in the Old Testament

Episode 22. Tradition with a Capital “T”

Episode 23. True or False Pope? Part I. Guest: John Salza

Episode 24. True or False Pope? Part II. Guest: John Salza

Episode 25. The Mission of the Holy Ghost

Episode 26. Corpus Christi, Feast and Mystery. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M.

Episode 27. Contracepting Heaven and Earth. Guest: C.J. Doyle

Episode 28. Saint Robert Southwell: The Truth, the Beauty, and the Gore. Guest: Charles Coulombe

Episode 29. Giving God His Due

Episode 30. Saint Ferdinand III: Catholic Spain Personified. Guest: Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen

Episode 31. The Precious Blood of Jesus

Episode 32. On the Church Militant. Guest: Ryan Grant

Episode 33: Heretics, Apostates and Schismatics Oh My! Guest: Ryan Grant

Episode 34: Why the Church? Why Not Just Jesus?

Episode 35: Old Clothes and Dead Men’s Bones (on Relics) Guest: Charles Coulombe

Episode 36: Queen Isabella’s Holy Life. Guest: Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen

Episode 37: Queen Isabella’s Holy Rule. Guest: Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen

Episode 38: Purgatory

Episode 39: Christ’s Finished Work

Episode 40: Looking at Old Testament Types

Episode 41: Mary in the Hebrew Scriptures. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena

Episode 42: A New Order of Crusaders. Guest: Brother Alexis Bugnolo

Episode 43: Patriotism and the Conversion of America

Episode 44: Star-Spangled Crown. Guest: Charles Coulombe

Episode 45: The Holy Rosary. Guest: Sister Marie Thérèse

Episode 46: The Everlasting Reconquest

Episode 47: A Fifth Column in the Church. Guest: C.J. Doyle

Episode 48: The Mystery of Marriage and the Gift of Celibacy

Episode 49: Friars, Monks, and other Endangered Species

Episode 50: Cornelius à Lapide and the Catholic Biblical Renaissance. Guest: Douglas Bersaw

Episode 51: The Moral Law, the Scribes, and the Pharisees

Episode 52: Conscience and the Moral Law

Episode 53: Sanctifying the Seasons by Living Liturgically. Guest: Charles Coulombe

Episode 54: “Come, Lord Jesus”: The Spirit of Advent

Episode 55: The Three Births of Our Lord

Episode 56: The Moral Question of Circumcision. Guest: Dr. David Lang

Episode 57: Two Topics: New Year’s Resolutions, and Christian Friendship. Guest: Sam Guzman

Episode 58: Mentoring, the ‘Man Problem’ and Failed ‘Youth Ministry’. Guest: Jason Craig

Episode 59: The Heavenly Nuptials

Episode 60: Liberal Arts Education. Guest: Dr. William Fahey

Episode 61: The End of Abortion

Episode 62: What Are ‘The Passions’? Guest: Sister Maria Philomena

Episode 63: Education as if Truth Mattered. Guests: A Parent/Teacher Panel

Episode 64: Bioethical Nightmares. Guest: Jennifer Lahl

Episode 65: Anatomy of a Hack Job

Episode 66: Immigration and Social Disintegration. Guest: John Horvat II

Episode 67: Unexpected Apologetics: Faith and Good Works

Episode 68: Unexpected Apologetics: Devotion to the Saints

Episode 69: Cultural Marxism. Guest: John F. McManus

Episode 70: Fighting the Revolution

Episode 71: Father Denis Fahey, Apostle of Christ the King. Guest: Douglas Bersaw

Episode 72: The Four Temperaments. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena

Episode 73: Sanctity, Our Counterrevolutionary Grand Strategy

Episode 74: The Holy Angels. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena

Episode 75: What is True Beauty?

Episode 76: Why Monarchy? (and Related Questions). Guest: Charles Coulombe

Episode 77: Medjugorje: True or False?

Episode 78: Introducing the Ecumenical Councils

Episode 79: Rebuilding Catholic Culture ‘From the Ashes.’ Guest: Dr. Anthony Esolen

Episode 80: Return to Order. Guest: Mr. John Horvat II

Episode 81: Examining Evolution. Guest: Father Michael Chaberek, OP

Episode 82: The Church in the Spanish Empire. Guest: Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen

Episode 83: Saved by Jesus, or by the Trinity?

Episode 84: An American Knight. Guest: Norman Fulkerson

Episode 85: The Achievement of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena

Episode 86: No Salvation outside the Church — Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus

Episode 87: Unexpected Apologetics: Sola Scriptura

Episode 88: Guest: Eastern Orthodoxy and the Universal Church. Guest: Erick Ybarra

Episode 89: Guest: Eastern Orthodoxy and the Universal Church, Part II. Guest: Erick Ybarra

Episode 90: Triumphalism, Virtue, and Peace

Episode 91: The Alt-Right, a Catholic View. Guest: Charles Coulombe

Episode 92: Hispanidad and Sacral Societies. Guest: Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen

Episode 93: Is Happiness Selfish?

Episode 94: Concerning Vows and Oaths

Episode 95: Fatima, a Review

Episode 96: Amazing Grace

Episode 97: As It Is in Heaven. Guest: Gary Potter

Episode 98: A Catholic Quest for the Holy Grail. Guest: Charles Coulombe

Episode 99: Discovering America’s Catholic Heritage. Guest: Adam Miller

Episode 100: The Deuterocanon: an Offensive Weapon

Episode 101: Discovering America’s Catholic Heritage, Part II. Guest: Adam Miller

Episode 102: Saint Robert Bellarmine’s ‘On Purgatory.’ Guest: Ryan Grant

Episode 103: Giving Thanks to God. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena

Episode 104: The Ends of the Mass and the Continuity of Religion

Episode 105: A Counter-Revolution for Christ the King. Guest: Braden N. Plyler

Episode 106: The ‘Little Way’ of Saint Thérèse. Guest: Sister Marie Gabrielle

Episode 107: Battle Fatigue and Fighting the Lost Cause

Episode 108: Is ‘Lead Us Not into Temptation’ a Bad Translation? Guest: Jonathan Arrington

Episode 109: Catholic Considerations on ‘Baptism of Desire’

Episode 110: The Grace of the Epiphany

Episode 111: Christian Zionism, Tracing the Lines of a Warmongering Heresy

Episode 112: Why Christian Zionism Is a Problem

Episode 113: What is the Law and Why it Matters

Episode 114: Literary Models for Christian Living. Guest: Martin Chouinard

Episode 115: ‘The Beauty of Thy House’ — The Catholic Sanctuary. Guest: Louis Tofari

Episode 116: On the Friendship of Jesus Christ

Episode 117: The Canonization of Billy Graham

Episode 118: The Holy Face of Jesus

Episode 119: The Marks of the True Church. Guest: Erick Ybarra, Part 1

Episode 120: The Marks of the True Church. Guest: Erick Ybarra, Part 2

Episode 121: The Harrowing of Hell

Episode 122: Not Beyond Good and Evil

Episode 123: ‘If You Be Risen with Christ’

Episode 124: ‘Seek the Things That are Above’

Episode 125: The Resurrection of the Body. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena

Episode 126: The Gifts of the Holy Ghost. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena

Episode 127: The Image and Likeness of God

Episode 128: Saint Vincent of Lérins and the Development of Doctrine. Guest: Jonathan Arrington

Episode 129: The Early North African Church Was Catholic and Papal. Guest: Erick Ybarra

Episode 130: Act and Potency, Key Concepts to Clarify Your Thinking

Episode 131: Ireland’s ‘Bloody Friday.’ Guest: C.J. Doyle

Episode 132: God’s Rights Come First

Episode 133: What Exactly is Liberalism, and Why Is It Condemned?

Episode 134: Saint Leo the Great and His Times. Guest: Charles Coulombe

Episode 135: The Restoration of Christian Order, Practical Examples. Guest: John Horvat II

Episode 136: The Divinity of Jesus Christ

Episode 137: Seeking the Truth about Abraham. Guest: Scott Smith

Episode 138: On the Need for Recollection

Episode 139: What Is Modernism?

Episode 140: Killing Catechesis (a Matter of Capital Importance)

Episode 141: A Conference for the ‘Next Generation.’ Guest: Brendan Young

Episode 142: The Fruits of the Holy Ghost and the Beatitudes. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena

Episode 143: The Misunderstood Virtue of Justice

Episode 144: Diagnosing the Failed Mental Health System. Guest: Dr. G.C. Dilsaver

Episode 145: The Love of Eternal Wisdom

Episode 146: Vocational Discernment. Guest: Rev. Fr. Shannon Collins

Episode 147: The Alternative to the Failed Mental Health System: Psychomoralitics. Guest: Dr. G.C. Dilsaver

Episode 148: The Role of Music in the Good Life. Guest: Dr. Andrew Childs

Episode 149: What Is Divine Providence?

Episode 150: Canonizations: Infallible or Not? Guest: Ryan Grant

Episode 151: Unexpected Apologetics: ‘Are You Saved, Brother?’

Episode 152: Is Jesus ‘My Personal Lord and Savior’?

Episode 153: What is a Catholic Church?

Episode 154: Has Divine Revelation Ceased?

Episode 155: Veils and Veiling. Guest: Lily Wilson

Episode 156: Worship ‘Ad Orientem.’ Guest: Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

Episode 157: The Marian Character of Advent. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena

Episode 158: Why Matter Matters. Guest: Dr. David Lang

Episode 159: Martyrs ‘Round the Creche. Guest: Sister Maria Philomena

Episode 160: Catholic versus Protestant Views of Justification

Episode 161: Adam and Eve before the Fall. Guest: Father Thomas Crean, OP

Episode 162: Mary’s Perpetual Virginity

Episode 163: Death and Beauty

Episode 164: St. Augustine, Genesis, and Theistic Evolution. Guest: Joseph Gedney

Episode 165: The Vision of God and the Fellowship of the Blessed

Episode 166: The ‘Terrible Reality’ of Hell

Episode 167: Introducing the Eastern Rites

Episode 168: Virgin Most Silent

Episode 169: Why Have You Done This to Us?

Episode 170: Our Catholic Duty to Self-Edify

Episode 171: The Psalms, an Appreciation

Episode 172: Church and Empire. Guest: Charles Coulombe

Episode 173: Looking at the Beatitudes: Part I

Episode 174: Looking at the Beatitudes: Part II

Episode 175: The Hierarchy of the Family

Episode 176: ‘Virgin Made Church’

Episode 177: Tolkien’s Catholic Mythology. Guest: Scott Smith

Episode 178: The Mariology of Cardinal Newman. Guest: Ryan Grant

Episode 179: Catholicity is Integral, Error is Corrosive

Episode 180: The Rosary and the Quadriga, Part I