This is if you are downloading solely on a mobile device...

So on an mobile device, you will need an app that can unzip a zip file. (We enclose the mp3 files in a zip.)

This app works fine:

Another app would be:

For androids:

You will need the chrome app to download the zip. Safari may not work.

After installing apps:

Copy our download link found in your email or download page. Paste the link in the chrome app  choose go, let it download, and then choose “Open in” or the share icon, next choose my file explorer or whatever app you are using. If Chrome is not showing the "open in" button, tap the screen and it should appear. Be sure it has finished downloading first.

Once it is opened in the app, unzip. Your done. 

Please note these apps will most likely not remember playback position. For that open the files in these apps: iOS or Android


Options for playing in the car: FM transmitter or wireless speakers.

For flash drive adaptors to phones: Android / iPhone