• Purchase a downloadable MP3, and look at the top right hand column for “Downloads”.
  • Click on that and then your link and you will see your link start to download.
  • Once the download is complete, you will have a zip folder containing mp3 files.
  • Once it's finished, go to the location on the computer (either on the desktop or in the downloads folder).
  • Double click on the zip folder.
  • For PC: Select all of the mp3 files and then right click. Click the option to Extract All. A pop up window comes up asking where you want to extract the files. Click on Desktop (or wherever else you wish to save the files) and then click on the button “Make a New Folder”. Name the folder the name of your audio download. Click okay. 
  • Click here for general info on mp3's.

There are ways to play MP3s in your car stereo even in older cars with only cassette players or CD players.


Cars with cassette players you can buy this special cassette with a wire coming out of it that you plug into a MP3 player or smartphone. Click here to buy this special cassette


Cars with CD players you will buy a fm transmitter to over ride the signal on any given station. Connecting your MP3 player into the transmitter.

Click here to buy this transmitter


For directions to download using only a mobile device click here.