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Our Lady of Fatima and the Fate of Nations

SBC - 9.17

By C. Joseph Doyle

2017 SBC Conference

Theme: A Worldview in the Light of Fatima

Winding up the line of speakers was C.J. Doyle. His talk was titled Our Lady of Fatima and the Fate of Nations. Mr. Doyle made a major point with the issue of clarity. Thinking and communicating clearly is a sign that we are, at least, holding on to sanity in an insane world consumed by sophistry and equivocation. We believe despite the fact that so many, even in the hierarchy, have lost the integral Faith. We believe in the whole message of Fatima that has been revealed (while we still await the message of the Third Secret). When Our Lady spoke about whole nations being annihilated if her requests were not heeded, Mr. Doyle posed the question that perhaps this annihilation includes the genocide of abortion and birth control. Abortion , he said, is one of the errors of Russia. Even today, in post-communist Russia, abortion is endemic. And, unlike China, abortion is not mandated in Russia. It’s chosen freely. Nations of the West, by abortion, are being annihilated. For every 100 babies born in Europe, 93 are murdered in the womb. That does not even take into account the millions being killed through abortifacient birth control methods. Christian Europe is being annihilated also, he said, by means of Moslem immigration. And not only is Europe being depopulated, but western, zero-population promoters are intent upon sterilizing the Third World (without much success) and attempting to do so in Latin America. Our speaker highlighted other anti-life policies that came to Russia with and after the Revolution, such as divorce and replacing marriage and family with the godless state leviathan. The first European country to legalize divorce, he said, was actually England in the 17th century under Charles II. Mr. Doyle gave us much information regarding the defection of other nations that once made for Christendom. C.J. saved the best for last however. Providing examples of Catholic victories, such as Austria’s Rosary Crusade in 1955, which culminated with the Red Army pulling out of that country on the very feast day of Our Lady of Fatima, May 13. Mr. Doyle rallied all of us with some encouraging heavenly interventions that should give us hope in these darkest of times.

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