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Sophia, God & A Short Tale About the Antichrist

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Sophia, God & A Short Tale About the Antichrist

Also Including At the Dawn of Mist-Shrouded Youth

By Vladimir Solovyov

Translated and Edited by Boris Jakim

This volume contains several late works of Vladimir Solovyov, representing his final speculations about matters crucial to the destiny of humanity and of the world. As Solovyov’s life was coming to an end at the close of the 19th century, his thoughts were turned toward three things: the end of the world (the Antichrist), the beauty and wisdom of the world (Sophia), and the nature of God. A completely new translation of the famous “Short Tale About the Antichrist” is presented here, along with revised versions of “At the Dawn of Mist‑Shrouded Youth,” “Three Meetings,” and “The Concept of God.”

Softcover, 162 Pages

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