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Our Glorious Popes

By Sr. Catherine Goddard Clark, M.I.C.M.

A unique approach to the study of Church history, through the prism of ten holy Popes who saved the Church during great crises for Christendom. Included are the two "Greats," Leo I and Gregory I, the reformer, Gregory VII, the intrepid Boniface VIII, and the last Saint Pope, Pius X. The doctrine of the "two swords" of Christendom and the Monarchical nature of the Papacy are given special prominence.

Softcover, 272 pages, illustrated.

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Divine Alchemy

By Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M.

One can detect a definite influence from the priest poet, Father Feeney, in the rhyme and rhythm of the philosopher poet, Brother Francis. The former, however, has that Irish flair for painting with words; the latter that Semitic gift for impressing with similitudes. Brother Francis Maluf wrote these fifty-nine poems for leisure. Those of us who know him would have a hard time imagining him sweating for too long over a verse. When he was deeply moved, whether it be by a devotional grace, by wonder at something beautiful to behold, by a gospel story or character, or even by astonishment over some mystery of iniquity, his contemplative heart would seek a poetical means of expression.

Hardcover, 96 pages.

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They Fought The Good Fight 

By Brother Thomas Mary Sennott, M.I.C.M.

"The documents and facts presented in They Fought the Good Fight: Orestes Brownson and Father Feeney, speak for themselves, not only illuminating the similarity of "liberal Catholicism," 'Americanism," and post-conciliar "neo-Modernism," viz. a willingness to compromise on doctrine for the sake of friendship, which in every instance postulates a repudiation in principle or practice of the axiom extra ecclesiam nulla salus, and a minimization of devotion to Our Lady as Mediatrix of All Graces. Not all the problems of the Church in the USA began after the Council." — Father Peter Fehlner, O.F.M., Conv.
"Besides being informative, orthodox, and well-written, They Fought the Good Fight is also quite inspirational."
-Father James McCurry, O.F.M., Conv.

Paperback, 437 Pages


In Towns and Little Towns

By Father Leonard Feeney

So you do not like poetry? Too many flowers and angels and stars and clouds? And too many adjectives ending in "Y"? Besides, the better the poem the less you can understand it, right? You are an ordinary Joe who prefers more solid food for his mind and you do not really care if the words rhyme anyway. Well, Joe, lighten up! Let your mind get a taste of Father Feeney's verse. Your whole family will enjoy the new turf. It will warm the heart. In fact, everyone of Father's poems comes with that guarantee.

Hardcover, 96 pages.


Fish on Friday

By Father Leonard Feeney, M.I.C.M.

The words, spoken or written, of a soul that genuinely loves God have a tone to them which always rings true. Couple this truth with literary genius, deep spiritual discernment and childlike simplicity and you are close to describing Father Leonard Feeney, the author of Fish on Friday. These fourteen Catholic essays, Father Feeney's youthful best, mirror a heart that is as light and humorous as it is religiously profound. Loreto Publications is delighted and proud to put this American Catholic classic back in print. Too many generations have been deprived of Father Feeney's winsome literary sagacity when his poems and essays were mysteriously removed from Catholic schools on account of his heroic defense of a defined doctrine of the faith. No one can possibly read "Fish on Friday," The Queen of Hearts," "Charlie Maloney," or any of the other eleven essays in this book without frequent bursts of wholesome laughter and (be forewarned) without a welling of those kind of tears that expand the soul. After reading this book one will clearly see that Our Lord and Our Lady were preparing this priest and theologian all along with superabundant graces to become what he became — one of the greatest apostles of the twentieth century. In the February 17, 1994 issue of "Catholic New York", John Cardinal O' Connor began "An Informal Pastoral on Lent" with this paragraph: "Long before he ran into a bit of trouble, from which it was obvious that he would recover, given his whimsical sense of humor, Fr. Leonard Feeney, S.J., wrote some of the most delightful things ever published in our land. "Fish on Friday" was one of the best. It first appeared 60 years ago, and never a Lent goes by without my renewing my friendship with it....".

Hardcover, 166 pages

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