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The Practice of Mental Prayer (CD)


Titled: "The Practice of Mental Prayer"

By Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.

Vocal prayer is very familiar to us. Almost all of our prayers, litanies, and, the greatest of all public prayers, the prayers of the Mass, are vocal.  The Rosary, however, combines vocal and mental prayer. When we pray the Rosary we are supposed to meditate on the mysteries as we recite the praises of God and His holy Mother. In this informative talk Brother André discusses the nature of mental prayer and its necessity, not only for religious, but for the laity.   First we must place ourselves in the presence of God, then we must use our imagination and call to mind the scene upon which we wish to mediate. Brother presents enough of a basic outline to stir up interest in his listeners as to the unique benefits of mental prayer. There is plenty of room for the individual at prayer to employ his own experiences, and personality, in this voiceless communication with heaven. With perseverance in this quiet prayer of the soul, the will can develop the habit of retiring into one’s own interior oratory, and, by the grace of God, make it an art.

(From Saint Joseph Forum 2003)

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