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2021 Conference MP3 Set

2021 Conference CD/DVD Set

Theme: Resisting the Revolutionary Reset: Virtues, Skills, and Catholic Good Sense for Flourishing amid the Madness

Brother André Marie’s Opening Remarks

Brother André Marie — Ordered Virtue as Resistance to Revolution. CD, DVD, or MP3

Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M. — Re-Rooting a Rootless Society — Some Reflections on the Importance of the Physical for our Spiritual Lives CD, DVD, or MP3

David Simpson —Losing Interest in Interest: The Land of Bilk and Money CD, DVD, or MP3

Charles Coulombe — As Darkness Fell: King Arthur and the Last Stand of Roman Britain CD, DVD, or MP3

John Sharp: "I'll Still Take My Stand": The Case for Ideological Intransigence as the Response to the Moral Death of Modern Society CD, DVD, or MP3

Mike Church — Anger A Globalist And Host Your Own Local, Local, Local Show! CD, DVD, or MP3

Dr. David Lang — Reason and Revolution in the Modern Age CD, DVD, or MP3

Mr. C. Joseph Doyle — Religious Revival Despite Political Repression: Catholicism in Counter-Reformation Ireland. CD, DVD, or MP3

Panel Discussion CD, DVD, or MP3