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Mr. James Hanisch — The Fatima Apparitions, a Review Course MP3, CD,DVD
Mr. Martin Chouinard — Fatima: Our Lady's Reply to the 20th Century Secularist Utopia MP3, CD,DVD

Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M. — Hatred, Ambition, Salvation MP3, CD,DVD
Mr. Gary Potter — Russia, America, Fatima MP3, CD,DVD

Mr. Charles Coulombe — Reign of the Two Hearts: Kingship of Christ and Queenship of Mary MP3, CD,DVD
Mike Church — Vocatio Viri: "How I Learned Stop Worrying And Save The Free World" MP3, CD,DVD
Brother André Marie —A Vision of Happiness MP3, CD,DVD
Mr. C. Joseph Doyle — Our Lady of Fatima and the Fate of Nations MP3, CD,DVD
Panel Discussion (all speakers / moderated) MP3, CD,DVD