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Br. Lawrence Mary, M.I.C.M.,Tert.

Mr. Koralewski (Br. Lawrence Mary, M.I.C.M.,Tert.) received a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, majoring in social welfare with a double minor in psychology and sociology. He also holds a degree of Certified Travel Agent — a four-year degree in agency management. In 1998, he received his degree in Catholic Erudition from the St. Augustine Institute of Catholic Studies.

Since he spent years correcting the untruths that he was taught in high school and college, most of Mr. Koralewski’s real education has been self-education. By choice, a great deal of it has been experiential. Among other things, Lawrence has been a counselor in a mental hospital, a Milwaukee policeman, a professional photographer, a magazine cartoonist, a small business consultant, a newsletter publisher and a lecturer. For seventeen years, he managed, and then owned, one of the largest tour and travel companies in Milwaukee. Currently, he is a supervisor for a major corporate entity and is responsible for all of the business operations in an area that spans nine counties. He is a past member of Cruise Lines International, the American Society of Travel Agents, the American Management Association, the Better Business Bureau and Mensa International.

An American Patriot as well as a Catholic traditionalist, for over twenty years, Mr. Koralewski has studied the overt and covert strategic opposition to perennial Catholicism, Christian culture, and American sovereignty.

Since about 1981, Mr. Koralewski and his wife, Sue, have been continuously involved in Saint Benedict Center’s Circles of Study. He has written several articles published in From the Housetops. For over fifteen years, he was on the board of directors of a local traditional Chapel. He and Sue’s three children and thirteen grandchildren are all active, practicing, traditional Catholics. To Lawrence and Sue, this last point is the most important of all, as it is living proof of Our Lady’s overwhelming generosity.