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From the Housetops is a Catholic Quarterly journal featuring well-written, informative articles on important subjects: authentic Lives of the Saints, militant Apologetics, un-revised Church History, non-ecumenical Marian studies, sound dogma, and general Catholic erudition. The magazine is edited by the Religious Brothers and Sisters of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a traditionalist missionary congregation. Contributors to the magazine include veteran journalists such as Gary Potter.

This issue's Highlights:

  • Latter-Day Athanasius: Fr. Leonard Feeney by Brother John Neumann, Tert.
  • Ignorant Savages by Brother Thomas Mary
  • Salvation in the Psalms by Brother Francis
  • The "Good Old Days" by Gary Potter
  • The Maxims of Father Feeney collected by The Sisters of St. Ann's House
  • Did You Know...: Catholic trivia - a regular feature
  • Catholic Wisdom: edifying quotes from the saints - a regular feature

Softcover, 75 pages, illustrated.

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