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Crusade 2008 Update MP3



Title: Crusade Update

By Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.

For those who want to know what’s been going on at Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire, over the past twelve months, this is Brother Andre’s annual chronicle of events and outline for the future. The prior spoke about the latest progress in the “ways and means” by which the crusade is advancing towards the goal of a Catholic America. Highlighted also were all the positive things that have been achieved in the Church these past dozen months, especially the pope’s Motu Proprio guaranteeing every priest’s right to offer the traditional Mass. Encouraging, too, was Brother’s account of the new respect that many priests, even locally, are showing toward the religious community here. Brother ended by sharing information about the sisters’ religious activities, their zeal in the bookselling apostolate, and the brothers’ incorporation of two more hours of the divine office (Vespers and Lauds) in their daily prayer life. The short presentation was very upbeat, all gratitude, no useless wailing.

(From 2008 SBC Conference)

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