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A Catholic Catechism of Social Questions

CC - 14

By Rev. T. J. O'Kane

Who is right: The Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street? While both object to genuine evils, neither has the real answer. Who does? Why, the Church, of course!

In 1935, Rev. T.J. O'Kane outlined the Church's teaching on social questions in a concise synthesis of the papal magisterium. In the genre of the question-and-answer catechism, he replies to many of the burning questions of our own day, but — more importantly — he also asks and answers those questions that today's wags and policy makers haven't even thought to ask, the ones pertaining to what is fundamental and essential in man's nature. And his answers are not merely his own; he quotes heavily from the Vicars of Christ themselves. Under such headings as "Law," "Education," "Marriage," "The Family and the Home," "The Right to Private Property," and "The Right to a Living Wage," man's rights and duties are discussed, but these are placed alongside chapters dealing with the Fall, Redemption, the Origin, Purpose and Nature of Man.

Here is outlined a cause worth fighting for, a Christian and Catholic idea of politics that our decadent society desperately needs. 

Softcover, 88 Pages

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