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A True Work of Mercy: A New Order of Crusaders MP4



By Brother Andre and Brother Alexis Bugnolo

Opening Remarks and A True Work of Mercy: A New Order of Crusaders

Theme: “Keeping the Counter-Reformation Going

Brother Alexis presented an excellent overview of the situation in the Mid-East, especially in Iraq, and the plight of the Christians there and elsewhere who are being killed and terrorized from their homes by Moslem jihadists. His talk was a call to show true Catholic mercy to those Christians who are suffering from ISIS brutality by supporting a Catholic Military Order which he hopes to launch with the help of military men. These volunteers,he explained, will be professionally trained. The ultimate goal is to have them, with government approval, go to trouble areas in Iraq (and possibly elsewhere) and provide Christian towns with a well armed defense. More detail can be found on our website at


This is a mp4 video file of this conference talk.


From 2016 SBC Conference

File Size: 205 MB


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