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An Introduction To the Devout Life (CD)


By Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.

Also available half price on MP3.

This talk by Brother André builds upon a previous one that he gave on the practice of mental prayer. In it, Brother follows the outline of, but does not restrict himself to, St. Francis de Sales' book Introduction to the Devout Life, which was written as a practical guide to meditation for lay people. He speaks much on the “life” of prayer, because it is the breath of the soul, and a means of greater sanctification, which is spiritual growth. The man who prays not just vocally, but interiorly, in meditation, is doing what God created Him for, divine communication.  The speaker uses the wisdom of the saints to show how mental prayer unites our hearts to God, such that we do not just praise Him with our lips alone. Communication is the goal. In mental prayer we activate our mind, imagination, memory, and will, and we also take some moments to be quiet and passive, allowing God to speak to us, by infusing some holy inspiration.  If you want to prepare your soul for the peace of God, this excellent presentation will help you get started.

(From Saint Joseph Forum 2004)

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