Anglo-Catholicism, the Ordinariates, and the Conversion of the Anglosphere MP4





Title: Anglo-Catholicism, the Ordinariates, and the Conversion of the Anglosphere

By Mr. Charles Coulombe 

Mr. Coulombe, a scholar, par excellence, of history, focused on England and the Anglosphere. He talked about the history of the Church in England before Henry the VIII, immediately after the king’s defection, the great martyrs of that period, and the later Anglo-Catholic movements of the nineteenth century that produced so many converts. He contrasted the zeal of Protestant and Anglican converts with the parochialism of Catholic immigrants to America, who preferred often to “go long” to “get along.” In a PBS documentary on Catholic immigration, our speaker heard the narrator affirm, “They [Catholic immigrants] got what they wanted; they lost what they had.” Not that they lost the Faith, but that they lost the zeal and charity to win converts to the Faith by word as well as by example. Mr. Coulombe spoke at length, and with clarity, about the Anglican Ordinariates that are the fruit of the charity of Pope Benedict XVI. He said that, in his experience, he has heard more affirmations of “No Salvation Outside the Church” from Anglican converts than cradle Catholics. That is because, he said “Cradle Catholics have never looked upon the screaming emptiness that is the world outside the Catholic Church.”

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From 2016 SBC Conference

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