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Anti-Catholicism in America


By Mr. C. Joseph Doyle

Theme: Honoring the Feast of Christ The King

Title: Anti-Catholicism in America

He discusses the historical context of anti-Catholicism in America, dating back to colonial times, and emphasizes its influence on both the Catholic community and the broader culture. The importance of St. Benedict's Center is highlighted for its unapologetic approach to promoting the Catholic faith. Mr. Doyle also touches on the American Revolution era, citing instances of anti-Catholic sentiment, even within the Declaration of Independence. George Washington's relatively tolerant stance towards Catholics is acknowledged, but the pervasive anti-Catholic attitudes among other founding fathers, such as John Jay, are highlighted. He mentions the slow removal of legal disabilities against Catholics after the American Revolution, with some states taking a century to fully grant civil rights.


(From 1999 SBC Conference)

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