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A New Approach To Converting

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Apologetics Talk

By Sam Zahaykevitz

A Brand New Approach To Bring Protestants and Lapsed Catholics Back Into the Church. 

Remember that last conversation with a protestant or lapsed Catholic? Did it go as well as it could have? Do you really want the same results the next time? How about trying something totally different? 
There is ............
No need to remember all those scripture passages.
No need to worry about offending your protestant counterpart.
No need to think "I should have."
No fighting. No arguing. No regrets.
This method allows you to reach Protestants in such a way that you have the BEST chance of bringing them into the Church. 
Over 90 minutes of proven techniques that are guaranteed to make you a better "fisher of men". 
(This video is so important that we are willing to make special arrangements for those that can't afford it. Please call our office.)
*This video was filmed with old equipment. The audio and video are not the best. 

Duration 1 hour and 33 minutes.

File Size: 706 MB

This is a video file of this conference talk.


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