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Brother Andre Marie Acquiring Spiritual Immunity: The Virtues and Gifts That Turn Pathogens into Abundant Life CD, DVDMP3 or MP4
Sister Maria Philomena Homeostasis: Seeking the Tranquility of Order CD, DVDMP3 or MP4
Michael Hichborn Modernism and the Plague of Social Justice CD, DVDMP3 or MP4
Greg Carpenter Disease and Epidemiology: Scientific Fact and Conjecture regarding COVID-19 CD, DVDMP3 or MP4
Brother André Marie — The Lernaean Hydra of Heresy and the Timeliness of Our Crusade CD, DVDMP3 or MP4
Mike Church The Holy Family A Vaccination Against Devilio CD, DVDMP3 or MP4
Joe Doyle Culturecide: How Revolutionaries Deform History And Destroy Culture To Gain Power CD, DVDMP3 or MP4
Dr. David Lang Unmasking the Enemies of Being: The Transcendentals as our Defensive Weapons CD, DVDMP3 or MP4

Panel Discussion (all speakers / moderated) CD, DVDMP3 or MP4