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Disease and Epidemiology: Scientific Fact and Conjecture regarding COVID-19 MP3

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By Greg Carpenter

Theme: Immunizing Ourselves against Viruses of the Mind

Gregory Carpenter, graduate of Seton Hall University, is Chief Security Officer of Knowledge Bridge International where he leads many aspects of information technology. His presentation, via video recording, was titled “Disease and Epidemiology: Scientific Fact and Conjecture regarding COVID-19.” It separated what is fact from what is fiction regarding the coronavirus. He began with a history of major plagues in the West and compared their rate of contagion, endurance, and mortality with our current Covid-19. The Black Plague of the 14th century for example, killed twenty-five million people, one third of Europe (and more in Asia) during its peak. Before that was the Plague of Justinian which lasted from 541-750. In all at least fifty million people died. The Spanish Flu of 1918 killed fifty million in one year. Smallpox, the next most deadly disease, has taken around 16% of human lives. Now compare that with modern viruses: SARS coronavirus mortaility rate is .0122%, MERS was .0029%, and Covid-19 is .0130%. Mr. Carpenter followed with a study of what is involved with getting proper data on actual infections and risk factors. We need to know exactly what we are fighting and its cause; what treatments work as cures and as preventions (masks and social distancing do not); and how to efficiently apply these. Sweden has no mask or social distancing laws and they have a much lower percentage of Covid-19 cases than the US. Before dealing with the issue of masks at the end of his talk, Mr. Carpenter reminded his audience that the major causes of death in the US are cancer and kidney failure.


2020 SBC Conference

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