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Br. André Collection MP3 Set

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An anthology of Brother André’s Conference talks from 1997- 2017 arranged in chronological order.  Some people have an easier time learning if the subjects at hand vary. These thirty lectures are not at all organized as far as having a common formal object of inquiry. They are random topics. And, this lack of continuity, makes the entire collection more palatable for those who are not inclined to tackle a lengthy course on the same subject. One lecture deals with the modern crisis in the Church and the reaction of the recent popes to that crisis.   Other talks treat of the Mystical Body, Baptism, Abraham and the continuity of religion, the spiritual life, Our Lady La Reconquistadora, our doctrinal crusade, the conversion of America, and the value of Catholic friendship. There is much wisdom to savor here, and it’s all so Catholic.  

Brother Andre’s Conference talks from 1997-2017:
1.    The Popes and the Modern Crisis 1
2.    The Church, the Mystical Body 1
3.    The Saints and Church Unity 3
4.    Arguing Baptism of Desire 1
5.    Our Patriarch Abraham and the Continuity of Religion 1
6.     Live your Baptism 3
7.     Mission America: Some Thoughts on the Conversion of America 1
8.     Islam 101 3
9.    The Intolerant Lover: Venerable Emmanuel D’Alzon 1
10.   Jesus and Mary are Calling You 1
11.   The Practice of Mental Prayer 3
12.   Why Saint Benedict Center? 1
13.   Introduction to the Devout Life 3
14.   Why Be a Tertiary? 2
15.    La Reconquistadora: The Virgin Mary and Christian Combat 1
16.    Catholic Communities: Christendom’s Building Blocks1
17.    2006 Crusade Update 2
18.    Friends Forever: St. Augustine, Friendship, and Catholic Evangelism 1
19.    2007 Crusade Update 2
20.    The Magisterium on the Magisterium: Contributions to a
         Constructive Critique of the Council
21.    2008 Crusade Update 2
22.    The Conversion of America: An Idea with Roots 1
23.    Toward a Catholic America: History, Goals, and Methods
24.    Freemen Established Under Grace
25.    My Little Heroine and Her Big Ideals
26.    The Illiberality of Religious Liberalism
27.    Sanctity: Our Counterrevolutionary Grand Strategy
28.    Total Consecration to Mary: The Remedy for our Ills
29.    Lessons from Saint Robert Southwell
30.    A Vision of Happiness
These talks were given at: 1 Saint Benedict Center Conference; 2 Saint Benedict Center Open House; 
3 Saint Joseph Forum; and 4 Catholic America Tour.

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