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Catholicism, not Conservatism, Is the Answer


Mr. C. Joseph Doyle  — Catholicism, not Conservatism, Is the Answer


The DVD includes the Panel Discussion. 


Though we may be inclined look to the Conservative movement as a beacon of hope in the midst of our social crisis, Mr. C. Joseph Doyle, head of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, bids us look again. He points out four areas of major divergence between the conservative and Catholic positions: (1) The tendency to moral libertarianism, (2) the just war policy, (3) the just wage policy, and (4) foreign policy. Full of historical facts and the insightful conclusions he draws from them, Mr. Doyle’s talk challenges us to think twice about committing ourselves to a movement which does not itself side with the moral principles of Christ the King.

2022 SBC Conference 


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