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Church Militant Restored: How the Counter Reformation Saved Christendom MP4



By C.J. Doyle

This ad copy writer has never heard a more informative summation of the history that surrounded the period of the Protestant revolt. Our speaker has kept his audiences totally attuned with his erudite presentations over these past 20 years. Before launching into that history, Mr. Doyle spoke of the crisis we are now living in with the Church in retreat. He listed five crises: 1) The imposition of the modernist heresy, the “synthesis of all heresies” as Pius X wrote, 2) The absolute collapse of Christendom in Western Europe. 3) The Islamification of Europe and the demographic decline. 4) The defection of so much of Hispanidad (Latin America) to Protestant Evangelicalism. And 5) The ethnic cleansing of Christendom in the Middle East. Mr. Doyle illustrated with sober facts how quickly Protestantism spread, first in Scandanavia, then in Germany by 1526. He spoke, too, of the infection of the Netherlands, Bohemia, and, with Calvin, of France and Switzerland. France rallied for awhile before it fell under the revolution ignited by Freemasonry. A point Mr. Doyle stressed was that Protestantism would have never established roots were it not for the invasion of Islam from the East. The heart of Mr. Doyle’s talk however was a survey of the champions of the Catholic Counter-Reformation. Their success was due, primarily, he said, to reforming popes who meant business. From Paul III to Saint Pius V and Gregory XIII his successor (1534-1585), there was a series of seven consecutive popes who set about reforming the Church in every capacity and in every Catholic country (including England before its fall). Mr. Doyle concluded his presentation with a reminder that all true Catholic reform begins in the well-informed and generous human heart

From 2016 SBC Conference

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This is a mp4 video file of this conference talk.


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