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Commentary on Acts of the Apostles


By Brother Francis Maluf

Sometimes called the Gospel of the Holy Ghost, the Acts opens with the story of the Ascension of Our Lord and the Descent of the Spirit of Truth on the first Pentecost Sunday. Saint Luke, who is the inspired author, tells of the magnificent way in which the Holy Paraclete, working through the twelve Apostles, establishes the Church of Christ on a firm foundation from Antioch to Rome. Prominent place is given to the leadership of Saint Peter and then to the conversion and the missionary journeys of Saint Paul. What emerges as you read through the Acts is that the Kingdom of God on earth, the Church, is moving to the Gentiles and becoming universal. The gospel is offered to the dispersed Jews first, but no longer will the holy people be of one race, but every nationality will be counted among the children of God.

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