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Complete Philosophia Perennis and more (PT1-PT12) MP3

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By Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M.

Wisdom is one of the most prominent values praised in holy scripture. In these eight introductory courses covering each of the traditional branches of perennial philosophy, Brother Francis combines both natural and supernatural wisdom. Just as St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologica makes abundant use of the inspired word of God in building his edifice of natural wisdom, so, too, does Brother Francis, as he takes his students through each course in the spirit of the Angelic Doctor. The courses include: 1. Logic; 2. Cosmology; 3. Psychology; 4. Ethics; 5.Greek; 6. Modern 7. Epistemology; and 8. Ontology (or Metaphysics). What Brother unfolds in these exciting lectures is an entire panorama of philosophic inquiry in capsule size, one-hour segments.

The present set is an introduction to Philosophia Perennis, which is both the name of the series of books it introduces, and the name of the philosophy contained in those books. Philosophia Perennis is also known as Greek philosophy in its earlier period and as scholastic philosophy in its medieval development. Philosophia is Latin for Philosophy and Perennis is Latin for "through the ages." It is the natural wisdom of the ages that came down to us from the pagan Greeks and was refined by the supernatural wisdom of Revelation.

Without revelation there is no faith, and without philosophy, no civilization.


Also included in this set: History and Eschatology, History and Theology, De Homine.

Available on CD, MP3 CD and an 8GB flash drive.

File Size: 5 GB

"Philosophia Perennis" is Latin for philosophy through the ages.

For the standard Philosophy Set go here. 


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