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By Saint Leonard of Port Maurice

This book is exactly what the title implies, sound advice for the healing of souls in the confessional. Saint Leonard was one of the great confessors of all time. He was a Franciscan and a missionary preacher.

80 Pages, Softcover


Some of the Table of Contents:

Approbation of his Eminence Paul Cardinal Cullen
Excerpts from the encyclical letter Charitate Christi
One - Qualities of a good confessor: goodness, prudence, and knowledge
Two - Goodness of life required
Three, Four and Five  The same, continued
Six - Dispositions required in aspirants to the sacred ministry:How confessors should act with them
Seven  - Prudence necessary to confessors:How they ought to proceed quá judices
Eight - How they ought to proceed quá medici
Nine  - Treatment of consuetudinarii and recidivi; Advantages of sometimes deferring absolution
Ten - The same subject continued: When are they to be considered as wanting in the due dispositions
Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen  - Evils resulting from a too great readiness in absolvingconsuetudinarii and recidivi: Advantages of sometimes deferring absolution
Fifteen  - Way for reconciling penitents to have their absolution delayed
Sixteen  - Those in the voluntary proximate occasion of sin not to be absolved
Seventeen, Eighteen and Nineteen  - In what consists the proximate occasion
Twenty  - Distinction between the voluntary proximate occasion of sin and the involuntary or necessary:How a confessor is to act with penitents of the latter sort

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