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Counterrevolution as an Affirmation

Opening Remarks by Brother André Marie
Counterrevolution as an Affirmation: Amid the Allure of False Dialectics

Theme: Catholic and Counterrevolutionary


In his presentation “Counterrevolution as an Affirmation Amid the Allure of False Dialectics,” our speaker, who has a doctorate in Comparative Literature and Classics, shared some profound insights from the works of many renowned authors, including Dostoievsky, Homer, and humorous excerpts from the poetry of the ever-perky Hilaire Belloc. His theme explored the meaning of the Incarnation as an Affirmation in the Counterrevolution. Even in King Oddyseus, the legendary hero in Homer’s epic poem The Oddysey, Hickson, using the insight of Hugo Rahner, painted a figure of Christ to come in the King’s battle with the “allure” of the Sirens. Having himself bound to the “wood” of the mast the warrior king fought the temptations of lust and gnosticism (secret knowledge). 

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From 2014 SBC Conference

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