Courage Amidst the Collapse of Christendom



SBC12 - 6

By Dr. G.C. Dilsaver

Theme: Concerning Heroes and Heroines

Founder of the Imago Dei Psychiatric Clinic, G. C. Dilsaver has authored two books, one on Catholic psychotherapy, the other on being a father, The Three Marks of Manhood. If one were to capsulize the theme of Dr. Dilsaver’s powerful presentation, it would be that, in warfare, fighters for a just cause must know themselves and their enemy. He began his talk by stating the obvious: we have been overwhelmed by a hedonistic counter-culture that is totally antithetical to the teaching of Christ and His Church. We have enemies, we have to live in a society heavily influenced by the disproportional power of anti-Christian media, Islamists, evangelicals, and war-mongering Christian Zionists. Our biggest enemy on the outside, however, is now the mammoth state. It is the enemy within, however, that we must battle relentlessly: the enemies within the Church, and the enemy within ourselves.“Technology and wealth,” he said, “keep us artificially alive and ominously allows us to decay into a decadence unprecedented.” To be a Catholic hero today, Dilsaver said, in modern circumstances, is not to shoot to be “the last man standing . . . but, rather, the first man kneeling.”

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From 2012 SBC Conference

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