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Creation and the Divine Order of Things


By Brother Alexis Bugnolo

Title: Creation and the Divine Order of Things: the Truths to Combat the Errors of Our Age

Theme: Catholic and Counterrevolutionary


Saturday’s first speaker was Brother Alexis Bugnolo. He spoke on “Creation and the Divine Order of Things.” Brother Alexis is a Franciscan. He is a Latin scholar and has just finished a translation of Saint Bonaventure’s Commentary on the Sentences of Master Peter Lombard. Brother’s brilliant talk was drawn from the teaching of the Seraphic Doctor. He focused on the necessity of believing the literal and historical sense of the scriptures, especially that most contested book of the Bible, Genesis. Brother explains how creation reflects the goodness, truth, beauty, unity, and order in God the Creator. His sublime explanation of Bonaventure’s teaching regarding the three kinds of order — position (place and dignity), antecedence, and origin — was as lucid as it was “ordered.”  

From 2014 SBC Conference

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