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Degenerate Moderns

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Written by E. Michael Jones. In this ground breaking book, Jones shows how major determining leaders in modern thought and culture have rationalized their own immoral behavior and projected it onto a universal canvas. The main thesis of this book is that, in the intellectual life, there are only two ultimate alternatives: either the thinker conforms desire to truth or he conforms truth to desire. Degenerate Moderns is a marvelous tour de force. Required reading for anyone who wishes to understand the intellectual fashions of the Twentieth century.


"... brilliant new book ..."

-Patrick J. Buchanan

"... well researched, highly provocative ... impressive documentation ... " 

-Religion & Society Report

"Jones efficiently dissects Margaret Mead, Freud, Kinsey, Picasso, and others, and even draws his sights on Martin Luther ..." 

-The Christian Sociological Society Newsletter

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