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Dr. Robert Hickson MP3 Collection

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This is a collection of 16 talks given by Dr. Robert Hickson at SBC conferences from 2000 to 2014 includes:

  • The Historical Novel as a Channel of Grace
  • Deep Trust and the Disposition for Wisdom
  • Saint Boniface and the Missionary Culture of the Faith
  • Only the Lover Sings: Philosophy and Contemplation
  • The Catholic Strategic Response to: Undo 1492!
  • The Contribution of Catholic Letters to the Conversion of our Country
  • The Vow and the Catholic Family: Implications of an Irreversible Promise
  • Sloth, Disillusionment, and the Higher Chivalry: Evelyn Waugh's Elegiac Sword of Honor Trilogy
  • Subtle Channels of Divine Grace: Providential Mercy in the Elegiac Poetry and Prose of Maurice Baring
  • What Is It, Then, To Be a Priest? – Some Examples From The Culture of Catholic Literature and Their Effects
  • Wisdom’s Slow Fruitfulness and the Adventure of Our Probation
  • Helping the Truth Along A Little: Some Nuanced Catholic Understandings of ‘Right’ and ‘Freedom’
  • Respect for Roots, Vanishing Intimacies, and the Heroism of Accepted Loneliness: Hilaire Belloc’s The Four Men (1912) and His Friendship with Father McNabb
  • Reflections on the End of Time: Transcending the Dialectic of Liberal and Conservative
  • Counterrevolution as an Affirmation: Amid the Allure of False Dialectics

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