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Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus

SBC-97 - 01

By Fr. Charles Poirier

Theme: Doctrinal Certitude Amid Growing Confusion

In this program, the author gives a thorough defense of the salutary dogma Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Sallus, which in modern times has not been properly taught. The modern teaching on EENS is totally opposed to what was previously taught for almost 2000 years. Outside the Catholic Church there is not salvation.  We should take God’s mandate on salvation as it was revealed; however liberals always try to play God, questioning God’s authoritative word and His justice. God created men to His image and likeness, but ironically, since the beginning of time, men have tried to create a God to their own image and likeness, becoming like little gods in the process. The EENS dogma has been thrice infallibly defended. We are not given a choice. We are either believers or heretics. EENS must be believed and defended by all loyal Catholics without exception. The dogma of Catholic salvation appeals to reason, to human intellect, not to emotions. It is not based on a sentimental theology. All power is given by the Father to Jesus Christ and Jesus has given His authority to His Church.  The sacraments are necessary for salvation, although not all and for all. 

Duration: 36 minutes

(From 1997 SBC Conference)

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