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Fr. Denis Fahey Complete set

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Complete Set of Fr. Denis Fahey's books - 14 Titles

Mental Prayer According to the Teaching of Saint Thomas Aquinas (1927)

Secret Societies and the Kingship of Christ (1928)
The Kingship of Christ According to the Principles of Saint Thomas Aquinas (1931)
The Social Rights of Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ the King Adapted from the French of Rev. A. Phillippe C.SS.R. by Fr. Denis Fahey C.S.Sr. (1932)
The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World (1935)
The Rulers of Russia (1938)
The Workingmen’s Guilds of the Middle Ages (1943) (A translation of the work by Dr. Godefroid Kurth C.S.G.)
The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism (1943)
Money Manipulation and the Social Order (1944)
The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society (1945)
The Tragedy of James Connolly (1947)
The Rulers of Russia and the Russian Farmers (1948)
The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation (1953)
The Church and Farming (1953) 


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Sometimes it is not enough for a man to die. A mediocre man, even a good one, is soon forgotten. But if he was a great man and he had a profound influence for good, his enemies will use every opportunity to desecrate his grave and distort his legacy long after he is gone.

Fr. Denis Fahey was such a great man. Although he died in 1954, his works have become more significant with each passing year. As the world plunges further and further into a satanic darkness, and the saving light of the infallible magisterium of the Church is obscured by the soft apostasy of so many of today’s unworthy shepherds, reasonable people are looking for answers that explain a debacle of near universal proportions. Fr. Fahey provides those answers — solid Catholic ones that faithfully echo the social teachings of the Church through the ages. Because of his faithfulness, Modernists and other heretics, as well as the doubtful and weak in faith, continue to question, discredit, and attack this holy priest. Read more about the Catholic world of Fr. Fahey here 


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