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Heroism at Home

SBC12 - 7

By Mr. Charles Coulombe

Theme: Concerning Heroes and Heroines 

Title:  Heroism at Home

From 2012 SBC Conference

Mr. Coulombe surprised everyone when, for his subject, Heroes at Home, he gave tribute to one man who made a man out of him, his father, Guy Coulombe. Charles’ father served his country during WWII as a tail-gunner in the South Pacific. Crewman Coulombe didn’t speak about the war to his two sons, but when Charles asked him what were the worst events that he lived through, he expected that his father would cite the collapse of the Faith, Communism, or Roe v Wade, but the first thing he heard in answer was WWII. “But, Dad, we won,” Charles replied. “Son,” he said, “one wins a war like one survives an earthquake,” then he went on to explain the tragic aftermath of the war, the Allies betrayal of eastern Europe and the demoralizing effects it had on the Church and Christendom. Charles spoke of other things as well: chastity, courtesy, especially to those closest to us, the importance of a parent’s communication with their spouse and together with their children. Charles was blessed with a father he could rave about, “the best man I ever knew,” are the six words that ended this inspiring presentation.

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