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Hilaire Belloc’s Catholic Understanding of History MP4

SBC - 23-9


Theme: "Cultivating and Passing on a Catholic Worldview"

Mr. C. Joseph Doyle — Hilaire Belloc’s Catholic Understanding of History

In our efforts to return to a wholly Catholic—and therefore correct—worldview, Mr. C. Joseph Doyle, head of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, proposes in this talk that Hilaire Belloc will be of invaluable service to us. A man of “profound political wisdom,” a great thinker and historiographer, Belloc deserves to be remembered as one who was not part of “the culture of deference,” a man who “spoke frankly and forthrightly,” and was “unafraid to tell the truth.” By listing point after point in which Belloc was right in dissenting from the historical narrative of the ruling class of his day (a narrative very much in vogue in our own day!) Mr. Doyle illustrates the depth of insight in Belloc’s famous words, “all academic history is a conspiracy against the Truth.” An important lesson for today’s culture warriors!

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