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History of Catholic Spain and Saint Paul's Two Epistles to the Corinthians

AC - 15

By Br. Anthony Mary M.I.C.M. (tert.)

Br. Anthony Mary M.I.C.M., Tert., presents a sterling course on the history of Spain from pagan Roman times until the ending of the Communist/Masonic war on Spain in the 1930's. A discussion of the 700 year "Reconquista" and a detailed analysis of the reigns of Isabella & Ferdinand, Philip II, and Charles II, (King when Spain was changed from a Hapsburg to a Bourbon dynasty), make up a good part of the course. Included are some observations on the effect of the change in dynasties and of the French Revolution on Catholic Spain. The course is wrapped up with a frank discussion of the 1936-39 "Civil War" and the importance of Generalissimo Franco. The second part of the class is a study of St. Paul's two Epistles to the Church at Corinth.

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