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History of Councils (cont.) & Mass Psalms


By Br. Francis M.I.C.M.

In this session [AC-3] of his course Br. Francis continues his brilliant talks on the history of the twenty-one Councils of the Church. The first six Councils of the West, which all took place during the period of the eight Crusades (1095-1291), are studied in these lectures. A portion of the class time is spent discussing the liturgical Psalms as they are used by the Church in the Ordinary of the Mass. There are eleven such Psalms (chapters 17, 25, 42, 50, 84, 85, 101, 115, 117, 123, & 140), which the Latin Church has adopted over the centuries into its liturgy for the holy sacrifice. Br. Francis explains why these Psalms were chosen and how they relate to the Mass in the specific location in which they are liturgically placed. Included with this set of fourteen classes is a collection of notes that were handed out to the students at the time. All the eleven Psalms are given in Latin, the Rosary prayers as well, many notes from the history class, and a listing of the twenty-one Councils are included in the notes.

14 Lectures

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