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How The Rosary Rescued A Nation


Theme: Total Consecration to Mary: The Remedy for our Ills.

The nation was Austria. If one needed a concise power-packed history of Europe in the early to mid twentieth century from the true perspective, the Catholic one, this talk is it. First, before relating the inspiring story of how Our Lady saved Austria from the Communists, Mr. Doyle set the stage with a summary of the political and military intrigues that were unleashed upon most of Europe before, during, and after the two world wars. How the Nazis and the Soviets vied for power, even working together for their own interests (one million Russians died fighting for Hitler!!), was a lesson rarely heard in lectures or read in school books. All this from a Catholic perspective. What C.J. does so masterfully is relate major events with the characters used to effect them. His eulogistic portrayal of Blessed Emperor Karl of the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg empire was captivating, as was his breakdown of the motives pushing evil men like Stalin and Woodrow Wilson and other principal world leaders to slaughter 120,000,000 men, including 307,000 US soldiers in WWII. The fate of Austria during this time, Mr. Doyle said, was in the hands of its Catholic population, for that nation had been saved for the Church by the Counter-Reformation. Archduke Ferdinand III, Emperor Karl’s nephew, dedicated Austria to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Most intriguing was the work for the liberation of Austria in 1955 from the Soviets; it was led by the Catholic partners in Faith, Father Petrus Pavlicek and the Chancellor Julius Raab, who rallied 500,000 Catholics to pray the Rosary daily in order to save the nation from the Communist occupiers. Listen to this talk and see how that miracle happened. Clue: Raab was called to Moscow on May 13, 1955 (the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima), and he and Father Pavlicek often publicly called upon Our Lady of Fatima for her protection.

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