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Islam 101 (CD)


Titled: "Islam 101"

By Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.

Islam was a remote issue for Americans only two generations ago. Now it is at our doorstep. Mid-easterners have been flocking to the United States in the past two decades and most of them are Moslem.  Catholics must not ignore the fact and imagine that nothing will come of it; no, not when they are having three times as many children as Christians are. What can we do? First, we must educate ourselves about this religion. In this timely talk, Brother André provides some very important information that may help us to understand Islam.  He gives a brief history of Mohammed, the Koran, and the launching of the jihads. He also explains the basic tenets of Islam as a religion. We all know what they do not believe, but what exactly do they believe about God, the prophets, morals, the state, and the afterlife?  These disturbing answers must be known.  Brother also speaks about Islamic terrorism in the wake of 9/11, their intensity — unto suicide and murder of innocents — their factions, their goal of re-conquest, and how to evangelize them..

(From Saint Joseph Forum 2002)

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