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Jesus and Mary are Calling You MP3



Theme: Catholic Saints & Heroes: Models for our Modern Age

Title: Jesus and Mary are Calling You

By Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.

Jesus and Mary are calling you to a specific one of three vocations in life: the life of a religious; the married life; or the chaste single life. Your very salvation depends mightily on whether you follow God's plan for you or not. All three vocations are discussed in this talk, which is addressed both to young people, who have yet to discern their vocations, and to parents who must help their children to find their true vocation. According to the saints, one out of every four persons has a calling to the religious life. With so few entering religious life today, are we to suppose God has ceased to call souls to the total sacrifice? I think not, at least not to those orders and congregations keeping true to the spirit of their holy founders. Perhaps the invitation is not getting a voice. Even good priests seem to be afraid to encourage young men and women to leave the world and follow Christ.  This talk is a direct challenge to this defeatist, or at best, timid attitude in regard to encouraging vocations. The Church desperately needs encouraging words such as Br. André' gives in this talk. Finding your vocation may not be easy, but neither will be the salvation of your soul if you choose a path other than that which God wants for you.

(From 2002 SBC Conference)

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