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Commentary on Saint John's Gospel MP3

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By Brother Francis, M.I.C.M.

Brother Francis' series on the Gospel of Saint John is his best. Brother takes full advantage of the fact that 90% of this Gospel is “fresh” material, not found in the three synoptic accounts. This is the Gospel written by him whom the Greeks honored as "The Theologian," on account of the sublimity of its doctrine. It begins in eternity, "in the beginning" before creation, with the generation of the Word. John's objective was to defend the divinity of Christ against the Gnostic heretics who denied it. The Eagle is, appropriately enough, the symbol attributed to Saint John the Evangelist. Saint John's Gospel soars to the heights of contemplation and brings us into the mystical realm of Our Lord's revelations. He drank in the doctrine of the Trinity and the Mystical Body directly from Our Savior's Heart and communicated these mysteries to the Church by devoting four chapters to Christ's prayer and discourse at the Last Supper. The privilege of being Our Lady's priest, surrogate son, confidant, and protector was his for many years, until her Assumption in the year 58. The depth of his writings reflect his fifteen years of filial association with the Mother of God, in addition to the fruits of his contemplation and three years of tutelage under Our Lord. He wrote his Gospel in the year 98, two years before his death.

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